Board Meeting

Thursday, December 10, 2015

In attendance: Hanan Bell, John Dunne, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Koko Morgan, Linda O’Gara, Doug Potter, Dana Rosenbladt, Patricia Shannon-Garvey, and Gennie Winkler

Approval of Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the October 14th and November 4th meetings were approved.

Appointment of New Board Members
Bruce Sherman was nominated to be the Membership Director. We are still in need of a Publicity Director.

Election of Officers for 2016

Elected officers for upcoming board members:
President: Doug Potter
Vice President: Dana Rosenbladt
Secretary: Koko Morgan
Treasurer: Linda O'Gara
Music Director: Teresa Metzger-Howe (ex officio)
Development Director: John Dunne
Membership Director: Bruce Sherman
Librarian: Hanan Bell
Venue Coordinator: Gennie Winkler
Publicity Director: Open

Financial Report
We have $7,332 in checking account and $5,058 in savings account. The majority of people paid their dues. The Fall Quarter Concert raised $2,942 for University Christian Church's Emergency Fund. There were 215 concert attendees.

Winter Venues
The Winter 2016 preview concert will be at the Norse Home. To publicize this concert we could put tent cards on their dinner tables. For the Winter 2016 public concert Gennie will meet with the University Christian Church coordinator to make sure the venue is ready for us. The discussion will include lighting and the temperature of the building.

Patricia gathered history of the Rain City Symphony from various members. There some loose ends that the new Publicity Director will need to look into. They include setting up a QR code and maintaining the Facebook account. She has created an informational book to help the new director.

John needs to submit documentation to King County to get the 4Culture money.

A greeter is needed for the lobby at our concerts. The greeter's responsibilities will include coordinating the front of the house, handing out programs, collecting donations,
and safeguarding the cash box. John will ask Elizabeth Shaw do this task.

Next Board Meeting will be February 10, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

We are grateful for funding from King County 4 Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and matching funding by Microsoft and Boeing.