Board Meeting--December 10, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rain City Symphony Board Meeting

In attendance: Hanan Bell, John Dunne, George Fichter, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Koko Morgan, Linda O’Gara, Doug Potter, Dana Rosenbladt, Patricia Shannon-Garvey, and Gennie Winkler

Election of Officers for 2015

Election for 2015---List the Board elected the officers to their positions
Elected officers for upcoming board members:

President: Doug Potter
Vice-President: Dana Rosenbladt
Secretary: Koko Morgan
Treasurer: Linda O'Gara
Music Director: Teresa Metzger Howe (ex officio)
Development Director: John Dunne
Membership Director: George Fichter
Librarian: Hanan Bell
Venue Coordinator: Gennie Winkler
Publicity: Patricia Shannon-Garvey

Financial Report

We have $4719.21 in checking account and $5,056.98 in savings account. The majority of people paid their dues. PayPal has been set-up and will soon be available for use. The budget for bowing markings will be kept as is for now.
The Fall Quarter Concert raised $2,020 for University Christian Church's homeless and needy fund. There were 170 concert attendees.

New Rehearsal Venue

Gennie, Hanan, Teresa and Koko visited the Music Center of the Northwest (MCNW) to see if the space would work for rehearsals. The issues and thoughts about this site are as follows:
- It seemed that the band members could hear each other play.
- The total space might be tight for RCS.
- Parking is limited--Gold's gym might be a place to park.
- The storage space is minimal--there are possibilities for this expanding the current space.
- The finances would be separate from the MCNW.
- The chairs are loungey - we might need to purchased more chairs.
- Oak Lake group, currently using the space on Wednesdays, would be displaced.

Gennie will check with Music Center of the Northwest to see if the entire symphony can rehearse there on the Wednesday, February 4, 2015. Also, she will ask more about the possibilities for expanding the storage.


Fall Concert 2014 Questionnaire results:

Attendees for the Fall Concert 2014 was 170 people which was up from 140 last year. Forty - five percent of the attendees returned their questionnaire. Fifty-four % of the respondents were first time attendees. When asked if they would return, over 80% of them responded, "yes". Most of the respondents heard about the concert from an orchestra member. The concert appealed to the audience mainly because they knew someone performing. Respondent's comments included microphones worked well, liked drawing, greeters worked well, parking problems and heat in church.

Dana will ask orchestra members to volunteer their significant others to coordinate the pre-concert functions such as, greeting attendees and passing out programs, as well as, supervising the donations, distributing and collecting the questionnaire, counting attendees and collecting programs after concert.


To track volunteer hours John will create a form for the volunteers to complete. The volunteer's total hours are needed by the last board meeting in June each year.

Next season (2015-2016)

A piano soloist will be with the us for the Spring 2016 concert. We will need to see if the piano at Providence Mount St. Vincent is acceptable.

Next Board Meeting will be February 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm.