Board Meeting - December 12, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RCS Board Meeting
December 12, 2012

In attendance:
Doug Potter
Teresa Metzger-Howe
Lindsey Harris
Madeline Beery
Cheri Paulin
John Dunne
Carol Horowitz
Gennie Winkler
Linda O’Gara

November Board Meeting Minutes approved

Elect Officers for coming Year
• Carol Horowitz and Steve Hughes (not present tonight)
• Doug continuing as President, Madeline as Membership, John as Development Director, Carol as Librarian, Linda continuing as Treasurer, Dana interested in continuing as front house manager
• Need to fill Publicity position: Steve or Dana or another non-board member?

Choose Venues for Rehearsal
• What we need from a venue: Large enough space (leaving room for some growth), better acoustics than what we have now, free parking, and good storage/set up capabilities, 3 spaces for sectionals if possible---kitchen situation is low priority
• Not taking UCC offer at this time – storage and parking are issues - If rumor about Rain City Band leaving is true, then we can hold out for a rehearsal spot that meets our needs.
• Other options: Mennonite Church on 125th in Lake City, City Church on 17th, Methodist church on 1st Ave. (off 145th), Lake City Presbyterian Church, old MOHAI space?, Washington Hall (too far south?), Fairview Church at 78th and 15th
o Gennie would like to get ideas for specific venues via email
o Contact Parks Department about getting free or discounted rehearsal space as a cultural non-profit organization
• What are our geographic parameters?: Ship Canal as South border, 145th to the North, Lake Washington to the East and 15th Ave. to the West
o We can’t consider going outside of city limits without losing some potential grant money from the city.

Tax Deductibility
• Are membership dues tax deductible? The IRS says that they can or cannot be deductible, depending on the organization.
o We will give a receipt saying that “we’ve received $50 for membership dues” – We’re changing terminology on the receipt to say that we’ve received “membership dues”, not “a donation”. Maybe also add a line for donations that are added to membership dues, listed as donation amount over $50.
o Carol will update the receipt form and send to Madeline so that she can write a receipt for those who would like a receipt for their dues.
o We will continue this conversation, update the receipt form and decide on a policy for going forward. If we know a lawyer, that would be helpful for future conversation.
• True donations definitely are deductible. Linda will send a letter for any donations.

Financial Report
• We have $5,054.92 in investment checking account and 4,058.97 in other checking account.
• Doug will make announcement asking for volunteers to set up before rehearsal

Stage Manager for Concerts
• Doug will also ask for a volunteer to stage manage and will also talk to Steve to see if he would be interested