Board Meeting February 1, 2023

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

In attendance: Hanan Bell, Joan Fairbanks, Charlotte Hotchkiss, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Koko Morgan, Anne Warner, and Gennie Winkler

Approval of Minutes
The December 7, 2022 Board Meeting minutes were approved.

Anne would like to see some changes to the website to enable her to do her work more easily and represent the change of the required membership payment to a donation.
Here are some changes Anne would like to see.

Task Questions/Comments
Maintain Member Status page (which automatically populates Roster page) Anne would like to call this the "Donor status" page.
The "role" column of the Member Status page automatically populates the Roster page, and "Non-member" are excluded. Could we change the "Role" column to a choice between "Current Player" (which would populate roster) and "Previous Player"? (Or any other suggestions for terminology?)
Anne would also like to modify some of the other columns names.
Current Field Names Suggested Field Names
Email Email
Instrument Instrument
Last Paid Last donated
Last access ?
Role Role
Phone (XXX)
Request (XXX)
Last Vaccine COVID vaccine confirmed (yes or no)
Task Questions/Comments
Encourage players who haven't donated by middle of the Quarter to do so For this, Anne needs to know from the Treasurer, Bruce, who has donated and when. The Member Status list can be sorted according to when a donation was last made, so it's easy to keep track of who has donated or not. This will give Anne the information needed to know who to approach to ask for a donation.
Know who is currently playing and supply list of who intends to play in concert to the Publicity Coordinator, Charlotte, in time for the program to be printed Anne does this partly by looking around and partly by talking with the section leaders. She asks Charlotte when she needs the list and makes sure to send it to her on time.
Set-up new accounts for players It's disconcerting if Doug sets up a new account that Anne doesn't know about and she unwittingly duplicates it.
Field queries from potential new members Currently, potential new members contact Doug by phone, or write via What if all new queries went to Anne? She could run the woodwind/brass ones past Teresa and/or Doug and inform the relevant string section leaders who to expect.

A few others would like the website to be more useful for the tasks they need to perform. Gennie would like to be able to sort the members by general sections, i.e. the brass or woodwinds. Hanan needs to be able to know who to send the music to. Charlotte needs to be able to pull from the current members from the site to do the program for the concert.

The sectionals went well. The first violins met on Tuesday. Laura requested a variation in the days, because she is never available on Tuesday nights. This will be looked into.

Report on Spring Concert
The National Nordic Museum approved our community partner agreement. The Spring concert is set for June 7th.

Music Director
Zahn, a violist in the Symphony, is taking a conducting class and is interested in conducting the second movement of the Tchaikovsky Symphony. He would conduct after the break. Teresa asked the Board if we felt this would be appropriate. The Board agreed it would be a good learning opportunity for Zahn.

Email Correspondence
Masks Spring Quarter
Everyone agreed to make masks optional Spring Quarter with a few caveats. These are that it should be very clear that players should stay home if they are symptomatic and that we should maintain the same good ventilation in the rehearsal hall.

Next Meeting
The next meeting is May 3, 2023 6:30 pm at the Music Center of the Northwest.