Board Meeting - January 16, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rain City Symphony - January 16 - Board Meeting
Attendance: Dana Rosenbladt, Steve Hughes, Gennie Winkler, Madeline Beery, Linda O’Gara, Doug Potter, Lindsey Harris, John Dunne, Carol Horowitz, Teresa Metzger Howe

Mostly paid up. Madeline has let a few new members pay $45 instead of $50. Agreed that for the future, that is not our policy, but for those that have already paid $45, it’s okay.

Publicity Person:
- Steve will be the publicity person and Sheri will be asked to give him the low down.
- Sheri is willing to keep doing programs, but not the concert and recruitment publicity
- Publicity for member recruitment and concerts
- Retirement homes – staying in contact with event planners to send vans/buses to our concerts

Rehearsal Venue possibilities:
- Lake City Christian Church (South side of 125th St.): very interested, but not sure if they can act because of a realtor – may be too live with too much reverb
- Olympic View Comm. Church - 5th Ave. NE and 95thSt. – Gennie will go see tomorrow and they’re interested – parking lot, on a major bus line, says they’ll have storage “if we become a permanent tenant” – negotiating price by night, rather than hour – Teresa knows the pastor
- Gennie will arrange to get a sectional at one of them if one of the venues replies positively by Monday
- See Rehearsal Space ad/requirements (under Documents on RCS website)

Insurance (general business liability policy):
- We have a joint policy with Women’s Chorus and Joanne fills out the paperwork usually. We don’t think that it will matter at all if we rehearse separately from

Deduction of Due Contributions:
- Primary beneficiary of our Mission Statement – the audience of our free public concerts – this is what the IRS has accepted as our mission
- We can’t vote until we get a professional opinion – if someone wants to bring facts, then we can talk about it again.