Board Meeting September 2, 2019

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

In attendance: Madeline Beery, Hanan Bell, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Linda O’Gara, Doug Potter, Bruce Sherman, Kim Waggie, and Gennie Winkler.

Email Activity
August 31, 2020 - Survey Sent to Past Membership
Hanan emailed a survey to the past orchestra members. The survey included the following three ways people could participate with the Symphony this Fall.

1. Play music and be coached by Teresa via Zoom
2. Play with a small groups might be able to be coached in person or by the use of Zoom on-line
3. Use computer applications to play together on-line.

Symphony Member Survey Results
The symphony member's survey had 55 responses. Each member could select all or none of the options. The summary of their preferred choices are below.

Preference 1 - 4 people
Preference 2 -17 people
Preference 3 - 12 people
No prefer preference 12 people
No preference chosen - 3 people

Action Items
Doug will send an email to the Symphony members to present the results of the survey.