Board Meeting Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

In attendance: Madeline Beery, Hanan Bell, Charlotte Hotchkiss, Koko Morgan, Kathleen O'Keeffe, Doug Potter, Bruce Sherman, and Gennie Winkler

Approval of Minutes
The October 13, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as amended.

Financial Update
As of October 13, 2021 the Symphony has a net worth of nearly $35,780. Some expenses have not yet been incurred and may not be. The expenditures are dependent on if there is a public performance. The finances are now consolidated.

Currently, there is no obvious performance space large enough to handle players being 6 feet apart. Gennie will continue to look for a site. Time is getting short.

Anne Warner submitted the following report to the Board in her absence.

Below is a summary of the Symphony's membership donations as of October 8, 2021.
- 52 members have donated this quarter (since 8/9/21)
- 48 people are playing in the full orchestra conducted by Teresa
- Of the 48, four have not yet made a donation
- So, 8 members who are not currently playing in the full orchestra have made donations
- No-one has contacted me to say they are not able to make a donation
- The average donation value is $101.03 (range $50 to $400)
Regarding other groups that are meeting under the aegis of RCS, or participating in the live feed from rehearsals, I only know about Bruce’s quartet (Erin Tang, Bruce Sherman, Robbie Sherman, Reba Utevsky). They have all made donations.

Nominations for Next Year's Board
The members who's terms are continuing and need to be re-elected are Doug Potter, Koko Morgan, Kathleen O'Keeffe, and Anne Warner. Kathleen needs to resign for personal reasons. Presumed nominees are Gennie Winkler, Bruce Sherman, Hanan Bell, Charlotte Hotchkiss, and Jackie Kirn.

Upcoming Meetings
The General meeting is on November 10th at rehearsal. The next Board meeting is Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at the Music Center or on Zoom at 7:00 pm.