July 2, 2014 RCS Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rain City Symphony Board Meeting 7/2/14
Members in attendance: Doug Potter, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Linda O’Gara, Dana Rosenblatt, Gennie Winkler, George Fichter, Lindsey Harris, John Dunne, Hanan Bell, Kyle (sitting in for Patricia)

May minutes approved

Email votes:
Approved purchase of bells ($900). – They are in the shop for minor repairs right now.
Approved Teresa’s contract for next year, as well as a bonus.

- Facebook page is live: Kyle will post pictures from RCS website and maybe Svetlana, will put next year’s concert and repertoire on, will send out an email to all orchestra members asking them to “like” it.
- We can recruit new players in addition to creating events for the concerts
- One idea: get out in the community more to spread awareness and recruit members in person (pride booth, folklife, other neighborhood/community events)
- Idea: Paypal could be set up for donations or dues
- Recruiting string bass players – Teresa will contact string bass teachers to recruit new bass players, Gennie proposes posting flyers

Next Year’s Repertory decisions:
Fall Quarter:
Schumann, Symphony No. 2 in C Major, mov. 1 – from IMSLP
Aaron Copland, Our Town – from Thalia library (for $50)
- needs bass clarinet
Hector Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, mov. 4 – from BYSO (for $50)
Tchaikovsky, Nutcracker Ballet, finale and apostheosis – from IMSLP

Winter Quarter:
Schumann movements 2 and 3 – from IMSLP
Holst, The Planets, Mars and Jupiter movements – from IMSLP
- Has many instrumental requirements, but we probably will not need all of the instrumentation for it to work. Do need: bass clarinet, english horn (steve), piccolo

Spring Quarter:
Violin Concerto TBA - Takumi Taguchi, soloist
Schumann, Symphony No. 2 in C Major in full – from IMSLP

Treasurer’s Report:
- We did not get the projected amount in matched donation this fiscal year, but received more in member donations than usual. Concert donations have also gone up.
- We can take out: t-shirt budget (File is on website so that people can make their own, as needed.)
- Grants are on track.
- Assets: $4,012.03 in checking and $5,056.55 in Investment Checking account
- Arts and culture grant should come in for the next fiscal year ($500).
Budget for next year, same as this year except:
- Conducting expenses to $6,355
- Vote: approved to raise “sectionals” budget to $2,530
- Remove soloist cost for next year
- PO Box cost has gone up.
- Linda will send out next year’s budget before the August board meeting, to be approved at that meeting.
- John can ask for more from 4Culture to cover the additional cost of coaches.

Recruit/Appoint a new board member:
- We would need someone to be a Secretary, at least until it is time for more board members to be officially elected.
- Bruce Finleyson might be interested. Kyle might be interested.

“Retreat” scheduing:
- Tuesday, August 26th, Doug’s house - 5:30pm potluck dinner, meeting officially starting at 6:30pm
- Doug will send out past year’s five year plan the week before.

Rehearsal Venue:
- John will call his contact at Arts and Culture to see if they have any leads on facilities available at a cheaper
- We have exhausted the local churches

Performance Venues:
- University Christian Church is good overall and is set for next year’s dates. Only street parking will be available next year, due to . Potentially, University Heights parking lot will be available.
- West Seattle performance space is valuable because we get a huge, appreciative audience, and a great space.
- Norse Home is no longer feasible. But we could go back if needed.
- Replacement performance venue: University House on Stone Way: huge room, with plenty of room, but audience would be on opposite side of stairway from us.
- Spring concerts: Josephinum and University Christian Church