October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RCS Board Meeting - October 17, 2012

In attendance:
Doug Potter
Madeline Beery
Lindsey Harris
Gennie Winkler
Cheri Paulin
John Dunne
Dana Rosenbladt
Teresa Metzger Howe

June and July minutes approved – Lindsey will correct John Dunne’s name for July and change Cari’s memorial concert to “fall” quarter, not “winter”

Changes in board membership/positions:
• Linda O’Gara is elected to the board as Treasurer.
• Madeleine has moved to Membership and Svetlana has resigned.

Membership Report
• 57 total members, higher than ever before. All members are paying dues. Discussed guest oboist not paying and ½ scholarship for one member.

Finance Report
• Reviewed last season’s budget – we’ve made $145 more than we have spent
o John expects somewhere between $1,800 and $2,250 from 4Culture (less than other years)– we should get a check from them any time now.
o “zeroed out” accounts can be left off of budget report in future
o 4Culture Concert is scheduled to be Winter Concert this year

o Rainbow City Band not cooperating with store room agreement – still in flux- ask Bruce to help us keep band equipment out of our space and not move our tympani around – an idea is to be louder with our signage to claim territory in the store room
o The storage room was found unlocked last Sunday
o Univ. Christian Church – never heard a price for storage facility- Gennie will get back to Todd at the church to follow up on potential of moving rehearsal and storage to UCC – acceptable storage would keep tympani on the same floor as rehearsal

Recruiting new board members – 5 total open slots, but 3 board members agree to re-election, so we need to fill 2 slots:
o Dana will help recruit new board member– ideas - first ask Bruce Sherman (violin), maybe Peter Klein (bassoon, new but gung ho), could use another string player, Tom Grow
o Separate publication (graphics) and marketing board positions
o New "Outreach" position would include: contacting retirement homes, sending out chamber ensembles, increasing audience at concerts
o Doug points out that we can always ask the general membership for help with specific asks
o Agreed that Membership position should be the one recruiting new members, putting out Craigslist ads, etc.

Fall Concert details:
o Gennie will ask for 7 volunteers to bring a chair to the fall preview concert (alternatively, Doug MAY know someone who can bring all 7 to the venue).
o Gennie has been in contact with UCEF about collecting money at concert and giving short presentation about their org.
o Program will include brass quintet – John will get info to both Teresa (for program) and Doug (for website)
o Survey of audience that will serve as a raffle to encourage participation – Gennie has a prize – Doug will make announcement to audience

o Doug agrees to re-election as President
- John gives conditional “yes” to re-election
o Cheri would not like to be on the board, but will consider continuing to make programs/flyers if need be
o Linda is willing to be re-elected