Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rain City Symphony Board Meeting
October 15, 2014

In attendance: Hanan Bell, John Dunne, George Fichter, Lindsey Harris, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Koko Morgan, Linda O’Gara, Doug Potter, Dana Rosenbladt, Gennie Winkler

August Minutes - approved as amended

Email Business
The Winter Quarter Preview Concert venue will be at University House in Wallingford.

Add previous year's action plans to website

1. Submitted application for a King County 4Culture grant
2. Financial Report review
-- As of October 15th, RCS checking account balance was $6,705.21 and the savings account was $5,056.81.

Rehearsal Venue Search
The rehearsal venue site search will have the boundaries of no farther north than 155th in Seattle, as far west as Greenwood Ave, no farther south than the ship canal and as far East as the Lake Washington. Needs good bus access.
A potential site is the Music Center of the Northwest in the Greenwood neighborhood. Gennie will investigate this site more.

Upcoming Rain City Symphony Board Election
All open positions have nominees. The election will be held at the General Member meeting on November 5th during rehearsal.

This Year's Action Plan Progress

1. Look for better rehearsal venue - Gennie

2. Recruit bass players - All board members, flyers for string bass plays will be placed in string shops. - Patricia

3. Investigate how PayPal could be used to for Web donations and membership fees - Doug

4. Program (given out at concert) improvements -- additions to the program - include PayPal information and acknowledgements of the Board Members, Coaches, and Grant Donors - Patricia

5. Make sure we are treating donors and donations right - Linda, Doug, George

6. Take inventory of equipment - document the equipment belonging to RCS - Hanan

7. Record volunteer time for grant applications - John

8. Concert attire --Woman wear black bottoms with white or black shirts. Men wear black bottoms with a collared white or black shirts - Announce to members - Doug

9. Contact section leaders - most have been contacted - Contact the rest - Dana -- completed

10. Add previous year's action plans to website - Doug