Board Minutes for 9/21/2011

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


RCS Board of Directors Meeting


Present: Marie Akiyama, Pres., Alan Shaw, VP, Doug Potter, Treas./Webmaster, John Dunne, Sec., Carol Horowitz, Cheri Paulin, Cari Sutton, Gennie Winkler, Teresa Metzger Howe, Music Director

The meeting was brought to order at 6:35 PM by Marie Akiyama.

Doug Potter reviewed the Treasurer’s report for Aug 1 to the present.  He talked about the purchased of the timpani.  Nearly $4000 was raised for the timpani purchase after matching funds were included.  He wondered about further fund-raising to pay down the loan from the reserves for the timpani purchase.  There was general agreement that that would not be productive.

The minutes of the last Board meeting had been previously circulated.

Gennie Winkler reviewed the status of the retirement home venues.  The venue for the fall preview concert I set but the retirement home that had agree to host the winter preview concert backed out, saying that RCS was too big for their space.  The one remaining possibility is Christa (?) which is outside the city limits.

The minutes of the Board Retreat had not been successfully circulated in the email that was sent.  John Dunne will send the Retreat minutes again.  The retreat was reviewed and the one year action items were read.  Many of those action items have already been completed.  Doug Potter moved that there be a special meeting of the orchestra membership on Oct. 5 to review and vote on the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Gennie Winkler seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. There was a discussion of whether a second meeting of the Board was necessary during the fall concert cycle.  The Board agreed that with the election of a new Board in Nov and the necessity of that Board electing officers, assuming the new Bylaws were ratified,  that another meeting of the Board was necessary.  The date for that Board meeting was set for Dec 7.

Alan Shaw discussed the nomination process for the upcoming Board elections.  He and Marie Akiyama will not be seeking re-election and Carol Horowitz is undecided.  There was a discussion as to how to decide who would be standing for two year terms and who for only one.  It was agreed that any newly elected Board members would be elected for two year terms and that returning Board members, assuming there were more than five, would be selected by lot for one or two year terms.  Lindsey Harris has already agreed to run for a Board position.  Several other names were discussed as possibilities.

Cheri Paulin talked about the design and content for the cover sheet of the concert program, which she will circulate for Board approval.  Content for the program notes will be needed by Oct. 15.  There was a discussion about including a list of donors from the 2010-11 concert season as a way to encourage donations to the orchestra.  CP expressed concern about space restrictions but indicated she would try to include them.

Carol Horowitz reviewed the membership dues.  Thirty four members have paid, 22 have not, and there is one scholarship.  The Board discussed giving a waiver of dues to one member who only paid $10.  CH will discuss her ability to pay but make whatever adjustment to the dues to allow her to play this concert cycle.  This would be a one-time waiver.   There was also a discussion of dues for the percussion section, since BS requested there be no percussion sectional this cycle because he was planning to take private lessons and the other percussionist was already taking private lessons.  CH will approach the other percussionist to see if she would like a $10 refund because of this change.   JD brought up his offer to BS to help pay for additional lessons and asked if it were possible to donate the money to RCS, then have RCS pay for the lessons.  DP indicated that this could be done.

Cari Sutton noted that she has not been able to locate her own part for the Christmas music.  The Board suggested different places the part may have been misfiled.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Minutes prepared by John Dunne, Secretary