Board Minutes for 1/27/2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

                                                 Rain City Symphony Board Meeting Minutes

                                                Wedgewood Community Church                                               

                                                January 27, 2010   6-7 pm 

Present:  Maria Akiyama                     Doug Potter                Gennie Winkler

               Alan Shaw                           Carol Horowitz           Cheri Paulin

               Teresa Metzger-Howe          Bette Robbins

Absent:  Cari Sutton


Meeting Minutes

1.  The board approved the following process. The secretary will send board meeting minutes as draft.  Board members will review and send corrections to the secretary.  Corrections will be made and the minutes made final by the secretary and uploaded to the website.   This change will be added to the standing rules.

2.  The draft 11/04/09 board minutes were approved.

3.  The current board was approved by the membership at the General Meeting on 11/04/09.

4.  The Wedgewood Community Church use agreement was approved by the 2009 board.

5.  The payment schedule for the Conductor to a monthly basis was approved by the 2010 board.


Computer Skills

The computer skills of board members were reviewed to ensure we can all receive data electronically and to better understand our skill set if/when one of us may need assistance.  Doug reiterated that attachments are not allowed using the Orchestra and Board group email addresses.  Instead attachments can be uploaded to the website and links sent with mail.


Duties of the Officers

1.  Sectional responsibilities were added to the duties of the Vice President.

2.  The duties of the Publicity Chair were reviewed and are to include ads (print media, radio, Craig’s list, etc.)  Other duties include: brochure, flyers, tickets, table invitations at nursing homes, concert programs.  Teresa will supply program notes to the Publicity Chair 4 weeks prior to the concert each quarter.

3.  Gennie will ask for help from the membership for administration of the current grants and define the timeframe and other requirements for each.  These are about 25% of the current budget income.

4.  Gennie will continue to take responsibility for bowing and fingering of string music.

5.  Aki will talk with Cari about library assistance needs in general and in light of the new storage space. Additionally, we need to establish and all understand the process to be sure that original music is available on site at each concert.  (Note: It is legally acceptable to play from copies if the original music is available on site.)


Membership Report

Carol reported that 50 members have paid this quarter.  Only two, possibly three, remain unpaid to date.


Treasurer’s Report

1.  The budget changes were approved as proposed. 

      Rehearsal Space   $1080                           Publicity       $  200                

      Storage Space       $ 150                           Conducting  $5300

      Insurance              $ 200

2.   Changes to the Standing Rules were approved as follows:


  • There shall be board meetings at least once each quarter.  The default time and place is 6:30 pm on the third Wednesday of each quarter at Wedgewood Community Church.  There shall be a meeting during June to set the schedule and venues to the following season.  The Board may adjust this schedule as necessary.


  • The General Meeting minutes will be approved at the next board meeting.   The Secretary shall then give notice to the orchestra that draft general meeting minutes are available on the web site for review and corrections by orchestra members.  At its next meeting, the board shall consider any corrections received and declare the minutes final.


Publicity Report

Cheri will review the publicity requirements and prepare a detailed plan to include timing and financial needs for each item.

Venue Report

Winter venues:  Four Freedoms and Faith Lutheran

Spring venues:  Mirabella and St. Andrews (Mirabella will pay us $200-no donations)

Gennie has a database of about 100 sites and has visited 20.  Evaluation criteria include configuration of the orchestra, price, availability, parking and bus access.

The winter quarter concert at Faith Lutheran was approved as a fund raiser for the University Emergency Fund. 



A new procedure for providing snacks and cleaning up the kitchen was approved.  The Board will be responsible for the first rehearsal each quarter.  Sections will work out the details within their groups.  The schedule for the remainder of winter and spring quarters will be as follows:

            February 3                   first violins and violas

            February 10                 second violins

            February 17                 woodwinds

            February 24                 cellos and bass

            March 24                     Board 

            March 31                     brass and percussion

            April 7                         first violins and violas

            April 14                       second violins

            April 21                       woodwinds

            April 28                       cellos and bass

            May 5                          brass and percussion

            May 12                        first violins and violas

            May 19                        second violins


(Fall quarter—continue rotation:  Board, woodwinds, cellos and bass, brass and percussion, first violins and violas, second violins)