Board Minutes for 11/4/2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

Nov 4, 2009


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie                                            President

Bruce Finlayson                                 Vice President

Doug Potter                                           Treasurer

Carol Horowitz                                   Membership                                         

Teresa Metzger Howe                                    Conductor

Beth  Chapple                                      Publicity

Gennie Winkler                                  Venue

Cari Sutton                                             Library

Paul Plesha                                             Secretary




October 21 meeting minutes were approved with corrections.

New Business

A decision on the number of meetings to hold each year was deferred to a later board meeting so that the new Board members elected at the November General Meeting can set up the next year schedule.


Ratification of board members currently serving venue and publicity positions for the remainder of the 2009 season will be conducted during the General Meeting.


Discussion was initiated regarding the rehearsal space rental agreement and changes in the draft agreement were reviewed. Final approval was postponed to later board meetings following further negotiation with Wedgwood Community Church.


Decisions on the UCES benefit concert were deferred to a later board meeting. 


The President requested a written description of the duties of each board position. The position descriptions will be achieved in the Orchestra permanent files for reference purposes.


Options for enhancing publicity at concert venues were discussed. Posting additional fliers in conspicuous locations such as elevators, building entrance and dining area tables was recommended. Flier copies will be available on the web site.


The Board of Directors conducted a vote by e-mail as follows.




>     1.  Based on the fact that both the proposed rate of $50 for 3-3.5 hours for the fellowship hall and the rate of $25 for storage are reasonable, even low, compared to rates for comparable spaces so far, and that the band will pay a lot more for their part of storage, shall we accept the $50 per week (formerly $40) for fellowship hall at Wedgwood Community Church, and the new charge of $25 monthly year round for storage. 




>     2.  Shall we ask Doug to confer with the church representatives (Sandra Salinas) as soon as possible to draw up an agreement which includes our use of the church for sectionals on 3 floors, and library work from time to time throughout the year with no change of use from what we have been doing, and which includes a provision that our use of the church for rehearsals takes place over the months September through May and we receive 90-days notice by the end of the academic year if the church wishes to terminate our arrangement.



On November 1 2009 a quorum of board members (6) voted in favor of the measures noted above.

The president submitted a written report detailing post election duties that will be performed to assist the transition to the new Board of Directors.


The membership coordinator requested approval for reduced dues for one musician that claimed financial hardship. The board approved the request.

The search for a concert venue for March is proceeding. Two sites suggested at the last board meeting were rejected and the coordinator will look more closely at Our Lady of the Lake venue to see if it meets all our needs.

Fliers for the coming concerts have been posted on the web site. A question was posed about which concert date that should appear on the flier. I t was suggested that 150 copies should be printed.


No report

Vice President
The Vice President prepared a handout listing the nominated candidates for the 2010 season and it was distributed to all members of the orchestra before the election at the annual General Meeting on November 4.


Next meeting: January 10, 2010




Respectfully submitted,


Paul Plesha       

RCS Secretary