Board Minutes for 10/21/2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

Oct 21, 2009


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie                                            President

Bruce Finlayson                                 Vice President

Doug Potter                                           Treasurer

Carol Horowitz                                   Membership                                         

Teresa Metzger Howe                                    Conductor

Beth  Chapple                                      Publicity

Gennie Winkler                                  Venue

Paul Plesha                                             Secretary




August 26 meeting minutes were approved with corrections.



The treasurer presented a summary of income and expenses to the Board and posted a copy to the website.


Thus far, 2/7 (29%) of the projected dues income for the year has been deposited in the RCS account.


The substitute conductor for the Sept 14 rehearsal was paid $150.00 and $20. 00 was paid to the regular conductor for that rehearsal date.


Dues have been collected from 45 musicians attending rehearsals at this time and there are also two scholarships.

Fall season venues are the Norse Home (Nov 18) and Faith Lutheran church (Dec 2). Additional venues for winter season were discussed. Four Freedoms was booked for March 3 and a search continues for another venue for that season. In the spring, St Andrews has been booked for June 2 and another venue will be selected from a list of options that were suggested by board members.


Set-up at concert venues was discussed and it was proposed that section leaders from the 4 major instrument groups organize seating for sections and help reconstruct the venue table/chair arrangement after the concert.


Plans for fall concert publicity will be presented at the next board meeting. Program distribution and media alerts were discussed.


Due to remodeling in the church basement, a reorganization of files is in the works. Help with file sorting and verification will be requested later in the year.

Vice President
Pending a vote by orchestra members at the November General Meeting, a slate of candidates was presented to fill publicity, secretary, vice president, and venue positions for the 2010 season. No candidate for president has been found at this time.



Next meeting: November 4




Respectfully submitted,


Paul Plesha       

RCS Secretary