Board Minutes for 8/26/2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

Aug 26, 2009


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie                             President

Bruce Finlayson                      Vice President

Doug Potter                             Treasurer

Carol Horowitz                        Membership                           

Teresa Metzger Howe             Conductor

Paul Plesha                              Secretary




June 3 meeting minutes were approved with corrections.



The treasurer presented a summary of income and expenses to the Board and posted a copy to the website.


Matching funds ($800) and Grant money ($750) were deposited in the RCS account.


Federal tax forms for were submitted.

The sign-up sheet that will be used in the new fall season will have a column added to record how new members learned about RCS.


Fall season venues are the Norse Home and Faith Lutheran church. Additional venues for winter season were discussed. A list of requirements was assembled for future venue searches.

Printed tri-fold fliers were handed out to board members for distribution to music stores in the local area.

Due to remodeling in the church basement, the music library has been moved to temporary quarters.

Vice President A partial list of music that the RCS has played in the past was compiled and more information will be added as it becomes available.

The Vice President will act as the head on the nominating committee for new officers to fill vacant positions in the 2010 season.

Music for fall has been ordered and bowing instructions will be completed for all pieces.

The slate of officers for the coming season and by-laws were discussed




Respectfully submitted,


Paul Plesha     

RCS Secretary