Board Minutes for 6/3/2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

June 3,  2009


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie                             President

Doug Potter                             Treasurer

Julie Gerrard                           Publicity

Carol Horowitz                        Membership                           

Teresa Metzger Howe             Conductor

Margaret Bustion                    Venue

Paul Plesha                              Secretary




April 22 meeting minutes were approved with corrections.



The treasurer presented a summary of income and expenses to the board and posted a copy to the website.


The cost of music overall increased in the 08/09 year compared to the prior year. Music copies cost $200 and music rental costs increased from $100 to $150. The cost of music purchase declined from $260 to $100 for the year.


Income from donations declined for the year. Personal donations were down $400 and matching donations were down $900.


General discussion of how to pay guest musicians: at the discretion of he conductor, up to $50 may be paid to individual musicians for their participation.


The budget was approved by a unanimous vote of the attending Board members.



Discussion of changes to the By-laws and Standing Rules.


Following review and comment on proposed changes to the text of the By-laws, changes were approved by a unanimous vote of attending Board members.


Proposed changes to the Standing Rules were approved by attending Board members: as noted see below.


Standing Rules

Fiscal Year

The Symphony's fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.


Board Meetings

There shall be board meetings in September, October, November, January, February, March, and April. The default time and place is 6:30 on the third Wednesday of the month at Wedgwood Community Church. There shall be a meeting during June to set the schedule and venues for the following season. The Board may adjust this schedule as it sees fit.


Washington Registered Agent

The Treasurer is the registered agent for the Symphony with regard to the State of Washington.


Concert and Rehearsal Schedule Guidelines


There are two concerts per quarter. The first is an Open Dress Rehearsal typically at a retirement home, the second is typically at a church or similar facility.

Fall Quarter has ten rehearsals before the concerts, starts on the first full week in September (the week after the week with labor day). We don't rehearse or have a concert on the day before Thanksgiving.

Winter has eight rehearsals before the concerts and starts on the first Wednesday after New Year's Day.

Spring has nine rehearsals before the concert and starts two weeks after the last Winter concert (thus giving one week off). This typically puts the final concert in the first week in June.

Sectionals are the fourth rehearsal of each quarter.

The Board may adjust this as it sees fit.











A summary of membership trends during the year was presented and the results are posted on the RCS web site. As noted see below:



> Fall: 12 newcomers/55 total members

> Winter: 3 additional newcomers/48 total members

> Spring: 5 additional newcomers/49 total members

 The status and suitability of various venues used during the year was discussed and several new sites were suggested for further research.

A tri-fold flier sample was presented and suggested sites for distributing the fliers were discussed.


Suggestion was made to ask new members how they learned about RCS when they first register. This could provide useful information on how to target new members.


Survey results revealed a wide variety of viewpoints by members. In general, members found the music to be challenging with the exception of a few pieces and welcomed the opportunity to master the pieces. A favorable reaction to the Beethoven was frequently mentioned as well as a desire to work on one larger work for the full year. Music selections for the next year were presented for discussion. The suggested purchase of one piece and rental of three pieces for the next year was approved by the board.


The orchestra survey and venues for concerts were discussed and follow-up site visits were planned.


Next Meeting: Aug 26, 2009 at the president's residence. Meeting start time will be 6:30.






Respectfully submitted,


Paul Plesha     

RCS Secretary