Board Minutes for 4/22/2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

April 22, 2009


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie                             President

Bruce Finlayson                      Vice President

Cari Sutton                              Librarian

Doug Potter                             Treasurer

Julie Gerrard                           Publicity

Carol Horowitz                        Membership                           

Teresa Metzger Howe             Conductor

Paul Plesha                              Secretary




April 1 meeting minutes were approved with corrections.



The treasurer presented a summary of income and expenses to the board and posted a copy to the website. Expenses increased $800.00 over last year and income increased $1000.00 over last year.


At this time 46 members had paid dues. The money collected was given to the Treasurer for deposit. Dues collected amounted to $2025.00 plus $95.00 in donations for a total of $2115.00.

Venue Written comments (paraphrased) provided by the venue coordinator: The cost of the St. Andrews venue for the final concert will be $150.00 for the concert hall plus $50.00 for the refreshment area. The name of the contact person is Ruby.

The status of music files is good.
Samples of fliers and the spring concert program were presented for review by the board members.

A local newspaper article regarding the next concert is in the works as well as notification of local classical music radio stations to publicize the events.



Survey results will be consulted for suggestions on music that orchestra members would like to play in the future.


A harpist is available for the spring concerts and he will be included into the rehearsal schedule.



The proposed on-line orchestra survey was discussed and it was suggested that some questions used in previous surveys should be removed from the current version. A question was added that asked what members value most about the community orchestra experience.


New venues for concerts were discussed and follow-up site visits were planned.


Woodwind players requested a noise barrier to reduce the volume of brass players seated immediately behind them and the purchase of barriers was approved following adjournment of the board meeting through an e-mail vote by a majority of board members. The approved motion called for purchase of 3 sound barrier stands at a cost not to exceed $250.


Concert start time was discussed and it was decided to leave the time as in the past with tune-up starting at 6:30 and the full concert at 7:30.





Next Meeting: June 3, 2009 at the president's residence. Meeting start time will be 6:30.





Respectfully submitted,


Paul Plesha     

RCS Secretary








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