Board Minutes for 10/8/2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

October 8, 2008


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie President

Bruce Finlayson Vice President

Cari Sutton Librarian

Natasha Close Treasurer

Carol Horowitz Membership

Margaret Bustion Venue

Teresa Metzger Howe Conductor

Paul Plesha Secretary


September meeting minutes were approved.




An updated account of income and expenses was presented for quarters 2, 3, and

4. Quarter 1 is the summer quarter when the board and orchestra do not meet.




There are 52 paying members for the quarter. Announcing (and encouraging) dues

payment in the first three weeks helped to complete the task in a timely manner.




All venues for the coming season are set except for Winter Quarter. Beth Shalom

is being is being considered and UCC (University Community Church) may be an

alternative. A general discussion of other sites was conducted and other church

and nursing home venues were considered with the contingency that the hall is

needed from 6 to 9 in the evening and the maximum compensation paid is $150.00

per event.



No report




Music files were cleaned up and organized by the librarian and volunteers.

Additional lighting will help keep the library area more user-friendly.




The conductor reminded the Board to ask musicians to return original copies of





Current RCS Board members will continue to fill board positions for the next

year with the exception of the treasurer and publicity positions. An

announcement will be made asking for volunteers to fill these positions during

rehearsal prior to the November 12 general meeting.


A member survey is not needed at this time. One survey per year is sufficient

and the best time to conduct it is in the winter or spring quarter.


The treasurer will file a 990N document. One category of the form requires the

filer to estimate the annual cost of expenses for administration of the

non-profit organization. A preliminary estimate is 7.5%


The 4-culture grant requires an annual report that is submitted after the fall



Seattle Arts Grant has chosen to fund RCS but the particulars are still unknown

at this time.


Next meeting: November 12





Respectfully submitted,


Paul Plesha

RCS Secretary