Board Minutes for 9/3/2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Rain City Symphony


Meeting of the Board of Directors

September 3, 2008


Attending Officers:


Kathy Lillie President

Bruce Finlayson Vice President

Cari Sutton Librarian

Natasha Close Treasurer

Gita Gilvydis Publicity

Carol Horowitz Membership

Teresa Metzger Howe Conductor

Paul Plesha Secretary


June meeting minutes were approved.






RCS ended last year with a net gain of $100. Final carryover in the checking acct. was $1904.80 and the savings acct. held $5104.00.


A projected shortfall of funds in the 08/09 season will be will be offset by new grant income. The Arts for Culture Foundation will donate $1500.00 to RCS for the current season payable on a calendar year basis.


Donations to RCS from members need to be identified in the official record books for tax purposes and past records need to be reconciled to reflect past donations.




We are starting the new season with new forms for sign-up and roster.


A sheet music policy change dictates that no music can be taken from rehearsal until individual registration has been completed.


Registration and payment are expected within 2-3 weeks of the beginning of a new season and half dues for new members policy has been stopped.


A break time treat donation box will be made available at rehearsal break time to recoup cost of treats and kitchen resources. Money collected in the donation box is sent to the general fund.



Following discussion, a vote was taken to approve the motion that the maximum amount that can be paid for the use of a venue is $150.00 per event when there is no reception following the concert.


All venues for the coming season are set except for Winter Quarter. A venue in the U-district would be a desirable choice for winter.


A suggestion was made that open dress concerts should be performed at retirement home sites and that final (benefit) concerts should be performed at a church or other public venue.




A new tri-fold publicity flyer was distributed and reviewed. Additional features should include the 4-Culture logo, information on the 501(c)(3) status, e-mail/web address and more pictures of musicians. Copies of the completed flyer may be obtained from the RCS web site.




It was reported that the current space available for storing music scores at the rehearsal site is inadequate. Poor lighting in the back room is also a problem area. To make more space for new music, current files should be evaluated for potential use to the orchestra and old material cleared out.


A master copy with bowing marks may be kept on file.




The purchase of Christmas sing-along music was discussed. After reviewing several options, it was decided by vote to advise the conductor to purchase a selection containing 8 popular titles.


To allow sufficient time to print brochures, the final roster and concert details need to sent to publicity 5 weeks ahead of the concert.




The Seattle Arts Grant is being researched.


The Webmaster is adding additional photos to the web site.


RCS Board meeting dates for 08/09 were confirmed:


Fall; Oct 15, Nov12 with the general meeting

Winter; Jan 21, Feb 18

Spring; April 1, June 3






Respectively submitted,


Paul Plesha

RCS Secretary