General Minutes for 11/1/2011

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Rain City Symphony

November 2, 2011


1.      In the absence of the President, the meeting was brought to order at 8:30 PM.

2.     Gennie Winkler requested at least 6 people show up early to set up for the concerts at the Norse Home and at the University Christian Church.  Volunteers were recruited.  She also reminded members to bring their stand lights for the concert at University Christian.  She asked for at least six volunteers to help set up for both concerts.  Enough volunteers were recruited.  She talked about the difficulty locating retirement homes for our preview concerts because we have grown too large.  She recommended that the winter and spring concert cycles omit the preview concert and have an extra rehearsal instead.  She also suggested that future preview concerts be held at a church or a senior center.

3.     The Nominating Committee presented a slate of nine candidates for the nine Board positions.  They are Doug Potter, Gennie Winkler, Cheri Paulin, Carrie Sutton, and John Dunne, returning Board members, and Dana Rosenblatt, Lindsay Harris, Madeline Beery and Svetlana Gladycheva.  The slate was elected unanimously.

4.     VP Alan Shaw adjourned the meeting.