General Minutes for 11/4/2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rain City Symphony

General Meeting                                                                                                       November 4, 2009



Item 1
An election was held to select Board members for the 2010 season. A slate of nominated officers was presented and orchestra members voted to approve by voice vote:


President                                Maria Akiyama (Aki)


Vice President                   Alan Shaw


Secretary                               Bette Robbins


Treasurer                               Doug Potter


Publicity                                 Cheri Paulin


Venue                                      Gennie Winkler


Music Librarian                Cari Sutton


Registration                         Carol Horowitz


Item 2
Ratification of appointments to fill vacant positions on the 2009 Board of Directors. Two positions were ratified by voice vote:


Publicity                                 Beth Chapple


Venue                                      Gennie Winkler


Item 3
Approve changes in the text of the Rain City Symphony By-Laws.

Changes were approved by a voice vote (67% approval required).